How We Work

Clickpart is the One Stop Shop for your facility, bringing together suppliers for complete availability.
Easy Ordering
Text or message us what you need, or order via our website, ordering takes <5 mins
Optimal Supplier
Clickpart finds the optimal supplier and ensures 100% availability
Complete Solution
We are the complete solution for ordering, tracking, problem resolution and invoicing
Unmatched Savings
Average 20% savings vs your suppliers, 20-80 hours saved per month

Complete Availability

Our network of distributor partners allows us to supply everything your facility needs.
Electrical & Electronics
HVAC & Refrigeration
Screws & Fasteners
Doors, Flooring & Furniture
Spa & Pool
Pumps & Motors

How much can you save with Clickpart?

How many engineers do you have?
What is the average hourly wage per engineer?
How much do you spend on parts annually?

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring a level of convenience, service and transparency that you've never experienced before.


We will work with you to design a solution that is most time-efficient for your team.


We aim for speed, reliability and honesty, and to deliver a “wow” experience at every stage.


We strive to give you total insight and control over your spending.