How We Work

Clickpart brings together distributor partners to ensure we have complete availability for your facility.
Set Discounts
Receive ~15-25% discounts on regular stock items.
Easy Reordering
Reorder stock items easily—manually or automatically.
Live Assistant
Use our live assistant to order anything else you need.
Inventory Services
Options include tracking, restocking, and optimization.

Tools for Engineers

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Live Assistant
Automatic Reordering
Inventory Tracking
Cross-Team Tools
Product Knowledge

No more wasting your engineers' time hunting around for parts

Our live assistant can help with any order — whether it be for hard to find parts or RFQ's.
No more wasted time on research or chasing suppliers.

Comprehensive Management Tools

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Track and control your spend, review and approve your team's orders, and have total insight into your inventory.

Complete Availability

Our network of distributor partners allows us to supply everything your facility needs.
Electrical & Electronics
HVAC & Refrigeration
Screws & Fasteners
Doors, Flooring & Furniture
Spa & Pool
Pumps & Motors

You can save a total of $0 annually by using Clickpart.

$0 on cost of parts and $0 on engineer hours

How much can you save with Clickpart?

Our average savings for customers on regularly stocked items is ~15-25% compared to existing suppliers.

Based on customer data, we save on average 2.5 hours/week per engineer by reducing time wasted on:

  • Researching/finding suppliers,
  • Placing orders,
  • PO/invoicing paperwork,
  • Chasing suppliers for orders
  • Receiving/unpacking shipments,
  • Searching for items in the warehouse, and
  • Trips to the warehouse for items not in stock.

Not included is time savings for the Chief/Assistant Chief in budget tracking and team approvals.

How many engineers do you have?
What is the average hourly wage per engineer?
How much do you spend on parts annually?


Start with the Light plan to achieve cost savings instantly. From there, you can upgrade to the Standard or Complete plan at any time.

10-20% price savings on set products
Live assistant
Automatic reordering options with reminders
Software suite for own inventory tracking
No contract

15-25% price savings on set products
Live assistant
Automatic reordering options with reminders
Software suite for own inventory tracking
1 year contract

20-30% price savings on set products
Live assistant
Configurable min/max levels for automatic reordering
Software suite + on-site restocking service option
2 year contract

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring a level of convenience, service and transparency that you've never experienced before.


We will work with you to design a solution that is most time-efficient for your team.


We aim for speed, reliability and honesty, and to deliver a “wow” experience at every stage.


We strive to give you total insight and control over your spending.